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Looking for Great Hockey Reading Material: Hockey Book Reviews, by Joe Pelletier.
Put some hockey humor into your publication this season. Only $15 for any hockey cartoon page, with your logo if you wish.
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The cartoons can be created to reflect your specific team:… logos, uniform style, players' names, etc., if requested. Hockey cartoons are perfect for use in your hockey program or hockey magazine, and fit well in advertising hockey or related products.

The following samples included are either color or B/W, some with team uniforms, or "generic" (specific uniform style to be drawn at the request of the client at no extra cost). See To order cartoon page for info.

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Samples used in previous years by the Vancouver Canucks Hockey program: (1), (2), (3)
Most samples are 4 panel, full page size. I have drawn hockey cartoons for various hockey publications
for over 25 years. These are several samples, I have many more available - just give me the topic.

Specific team colors and personalized items can be requested by the client when ordering, otherwise, "generic" hockey uniforms will be sent.
Two samples displayed in color, the rest are in black and white.

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 Put your LOGO on these uniforms- NO EXTRA COST for this service when you order HOCKEY CARTOONS

The cartoons can be created to reflect your specific team's logo

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03 - Power Skating

04 - Age discrimination

05 - It's the captain's job

11 - Disciplined players

12 - Plus/Minus average

13 - Stick to the "game plan"

14 - How officials prepare for the game

15 - Not skating to well tonight?

16 - Computers in the new millennium

17 - Drop your gloves!

18 - Computerized stick???

19 - Statistics are of no value to this guy

20 - It's gone into the upper blues

21 - Pulling your goalie

22 - The mighty stap shot

23 - Industrial espionage in hockey?

24 - Two goalie system

25 - The five hole

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