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Cartoons on concrete work

Cartoons, B/W or color are $15 each. Send us the number of the cartoon you want <email us>
Then complete the payment using PayPal. Go to the page of the cartoon topics

Golf Cartoons… More than making furrows in a lawn!


Excellent cartoons for your magazine, newsletter, website, or advertisement, color or B/W. Give your publication a short putt!

GOLF POSTERS - these will do justice to your "trophy wall".


Automotive Cartoons:
Humor on wheels

Many cartoons on a theme of the automobile.
A huge stock of various topics, many are not displayed on the auto page.
Please email your request of topic, and it will be available.
If we don't have it,we'll create it!




Home Renovations… and household things

Ideal cartoons for Builder and Construction focussed publications. All areas of renovations and construction are covered. Many more available than seen on the web page. Email for index list. Stock B/W cartoons are $15 as shown on the home renovation page.

Travel • A funny thing happened to me on my way to …

Cartoons topics on travel and holidays.
Every holiday is here…
If it's not here, email me the topic you need.



Educationthe "light side"


The Ed-toons are designed to provide that bit of humor as a variety of educational focussed cartoons are displayed. Many more topics are available. Please email with your request. Being a high school teacher for many years, I try to bring some insight into the education cartoons.

Hockey!… This is skating on thin ice

Or, go to the hockey cartoons website, www.hockeycartoons.ca

Hockey cartoons in two formats

(1) full pages They can be adapted to your specific team or organization. "Check" it out!

(2) Single panels

Samples of cartoons for recent clients:

Vancouver Canucks Hockey Club 1,
Sample 2,
Sample 3.

ParGolf Magazine,

Construction Magazine

University of Calgary

Calendar pages for a world wide Marine company, Smit

Custom Drawing and work to your specifications
Cartoons, illustrations, caricatures, or publications (photography work as well if needed)
Design and publication of sports programs includes photographic work in the local area
More cartoons just added to: Education Home Improvement Auto-toons Travel

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Please see To use cartoon for further info or email us Merv Magus: exit33@shaw.ca

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Hockey History - an amusing look at some of the historic moments in the development of hockey from the early 1800's.